Drapery Treatments

Fall in Love with Drapery Treatments

Draperies are a timeless solution to a window treatment problem and they are always still regularly in demand. They offer a functional layered look that helps finish a room and complete your stylistic decor choices.

Draperies do not need to be the finishing point of room though. They can be the starting point, providing inspiration for the rest of your decorating scheme. Designers of home interiors usually recommend that clients fall in love with one or two elements of their home decor which acts as the center of gravity for the room’s attention.

Thin panelled drapes can add stylistic qualities that jazz up a boring wall. They can also turn a rental into a dynamic space which would otherwise lack interesting architectural elements or the ability to paint to get some colour in the room. That problem is easily solved by bold colours and even patterns that make a real statement.

Bracketing with thicker drapes is also popular, where you can have layers of thinner panels on the inner area and a frame created by the thicker ones around it. This adds depth and warmth to a room and show that much thought has gone into the character of one’s home by anchoring the eye in the room and lending some substance to one’s window treatments.

If you have hard edges in your home such as in the case of corner windows, drapery can also be used to soften those edges and make that corner more hospitable and welcoming. Depending on where this is in the home will determine what kind of fabrics are used and what kind of privacy is needed, but sheers can really soften up a space and be used in combination with blinds or shutters to get a combination look that is sure to be inviting.

Draperies are not only used for windows though! You can actually use them to create a transition from one room to the next that is highly regal and dramatic. The long drapes can also create a vignette-like picture of the room that will follow, offering a cinematic quality to your home as you set each scene.

Whatever your purpose, we are sure that falling in love with drapery treatments is the first step to getting your imagination going!

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