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Window Treatments: Preserve the Life of Furniture

When it comes to window treatments, we hear a lot about their style and functional potentials in terms of how they can change the look of a room via light control or fabric chosen. What we hear less about is how investment in quality window treatments and especially films are actually a tried and tested true way of preventing damage to your flooring and furniture.

While we all love the sun and especially are wont to embrace it year-round regardless of the temperature outside, it is important to realize that the sun is best taken in small doses – for us and for our homes. Fading and discoloration can occur to our furniture, floors, artwork and fabrics if we allow too much direct sunlight in on a consistent basis.

The thing about sun damage is that it does not just need to be direct sunlight that can affect the look of more permanent fixtures of our homes. UV rays are also damaging and these can penetrate the windows of our home even on the cloudiest of days.

Window treatments that are heavy enough can block harmful rays of the sun but in order to do this, they must remain closed. Since most of us love the sun and do not want to sit in dark and dingy homes all summer, what are we supposed to do?

It might sound crazy, but window film is the way to go. No, this is not the window of your mother’s youth which could actually obstruct the window and stop you from getting a full viewing experience, not to mention was rather shoddy and could peel away after a short time. Rather, modern window film exists which not only rejects 99.9% of the sun’s harmful rays, but also makes your backyard viewing experience easier on the eyes (and furniture!).

Think of window film as sunglasses for your home, but without compromising how everything looks, and in fact, making the view a lot better. You won’t be squinting and straining your eyes to look outdoors and you can rest assured that your hard-earned furniture, flooring and artwork will be preserved for many enjoyable years to come.

Note: Becky Dietrich over at Houzz has the following advice about window film:

Window films are installed on the insides of your windows by a professional installer. I don’t recommend this as a DIY project, primarily because of warranty issues.

That leads me to a short warranty discussion. Most window manufacturers will void their warranty if film is applied to their windows. This is primarily because enterprising do-it-yourselfers have applied auto film to their windows, often causing seal failure and even glass breakage. Your professional can explain this in depth.

Reputable companies offer an override warranty. Buy it. Film all by itself is very reasonably priced, and the warranty is dirt cheap. Once your film is installed, the window can still be washed like any other window – just never use a razor blade on it.

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