Exterior Window Treatments

Window Fashion and Treatments: Considering the Exterior While Planning the Interior

Window treatments are wonderful for adding dimension to a room, but they also have the power to influence how your house looks from the outside. Tasteful window treatments can be major players in ensuring that your home has a consistent, pulled-together feel from the moment you walk up the driveway to the time you’re cozying up in bed.

In the vast majority of cases, the inside of the house should match the outside in style and overall quality. A farmhouse would look a bit strange with all-stainless steel furniture in the same way an antique armoire wouldn’t suit an ultra-modern apartment. With that said, it is important to consider what the outside of your house looks like even while choosing decor for the inside. Window treatments – as transition pieces that can be seen both inside and outside – can make it easier for you to keep the style of your home consistent. By choosing window treatments that will look great on the outside you are ensuring that the proper design tone is set on the inside as well. This gives you a head start to creating a beautiful home experience that blends seamlessly together without any sudden shifts or moments of disharmony.

In considering how window treatments impact exterior views of the house one of the first things to come to mind is privacy. How do you balance presenting your home as light-filled, warm, and inviting without compromising your privacy? This is a problem especially potent at night when it’s easiest to see in the windows and, at the same time, the worst time of day to walk up the driveway towards a dark, severe-looking home.

Luckily there are plenty of window treatment options available to balance the different needs of a variety of spaces. Blinds are an excellent option if you want complete control over the visibility of your rooms – you can shut them completely or open them wide according to your wishes. In a living-room type space partial visibility may be acceptable, and so in that situation Pirouette® Shades, which have two layers that can be combined or separated to create a more or less opaque look, would be perfect.

Your home experience should be one that is enjoyed from the moment you see your house to the moment you walk out its door and everything in between. Having beautiful window treatments is a part of that experience, and one that can ultimately help to create a space that is harmonious and consistent throughout. Get a free consultation with one of our experts and let us show you how window treatments can light up your home, inside and out, while making you feel more comfortable, secure, and in control of your house’s appearance.

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