Top 5 Home Decor Resources You Need to Know Before Your Next Renovation! 

Home decoration and interior design are unique experiences for individuals. For some, it can take many years to apply our personal tastes to our living spaces. This requires research and the advice of dependable experts, such as the team at Custom Blinds by Design. Professionals like us can assist you in making informed decisions, and help you choose a style that works for you.

As you consider updating the look of your home, you may want to consult some quality home decor resources, including this list that we have put together with the top resources that we recommend!


1.) Custom Blinds by Design Ideas & Inspiration Blog: Our blog is full of home design information and it just keeps on coming! We update it a couple of times per month and regularly post on social media, so it’s a great idea to get our page saved to your “favourites” and check in with us regularly for all your design needs!


2.) Custom Blinds by Design Facebook Page: Our Facebook Page is where a lot of the blogs are posted. Give us a “Like” and you will automatically get all our design tips in your newsfeed. We update a few times per week, so we’d love to have your feedback on our page. We can’t wait to inspire you!


3.) Hunter Douglas Website: A great resource for a lot of the products we carry. From time to time, you will see more practical descriptions of HD products on our blog and Facebook, but browsing their online catalogue, which is full of gorgeously decorated rooms in high-resolution pictures, can provide you with endless design inspiration!


4.) Hunter Douglas YouTube Channel: The HD YouTube channel is full of quick, informative videos that can give you some great ideas about their products, how they can shape or alter the appearance of a room, and so much more. You will see us reposting some of their awesome videos on our Facebook page, so if you don’t have time to look yourself, let us do the work for you! You’ll find the best of the best in your newsfeed.


5.) Hunter Douglas Platinum App: We have mentioned before how much we love the HD Platinum app, but we just have to say it again. Know that uploading pictures of your rooms to see how HD products work in them can be one of the easiest ways to get inspired! Not only do you see how your future window coverings will look in your space, it can inspire wonderful ideas about other design tools that will complement your choices!