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The Top 4 Reasons We Love Blinds

When most people think of blinds, visions of tacky, white metal vertical blinds usually come to mind.  Probably accompanied by an old couch and a huge tv – perhaps even a some wood panelling.  In other words, dated.

Well we are happy to announce:

Gone are the days of cheap plastic or metal blinds. We have beautiful and modern styles available, each crafted from a variety of materials and colours.

Hunter Douglas proudly offers  blinds made from luxurious materials and offered in various sizing so blinds don’t have to mean your  regular white variety that are slapped up out of necessity. They are now used to accent your home decor as you would any other furnishing or paint.

The top 4 benefits of using blinds:

1. Lighting

With blinds, you can better control the lighting in your home, allowing you to not only create  soft ambient lighting, while also cutting your utility costs.

Depending on the type of room, you may also want a specific type of blind that suits your needs. For example, in a bedroom, you may want to invest in tightly fitted slats that don’t allow any light through when closed. (Hello R.E.M!)

2. Suit Your Style

Traditional, modern, or contemporary, Hunter Douglas has beautiful blinds to suit your style.  Custom Blinds by Design can help you find just the right ones to put the finishing touch on all of your rooms, in your home or office.

3. Privacy

Blinds offer you the option of complete privacy once closed. Some fabric window coverings can still allow some light through, allowing your silhouette to be visible at night. For the most privacy control, top-down shades, which allows in light without showing the rest of the room.

4. Maintenance

Blinds are also very easy to maintain and only require the occasional wiping down with a damp cloth. No need to purchase specialized cleaning accessories or having to take them down and wash them like drapes. They have also the added advantage of being long-lasting, particularly those made of wood or metals, so that you don’t need to replace them often.

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Custom Blinds by Design can help you decide which Hunter Douglas Blinds will work for your space, style and budget. Call us today – (780) 998-4646