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The Joy of Projects: How to be Perpetually Excited about Your Home and Your Life

Home renovations can be stressful. And expensive. And time-consuming. And difficult. Paint stinks and dust makes you blink and who needs new sinks, anyway? If you can set up a space beautifully the first time, why would there ever be any need to change it?

We’ll tell you why.

Because the secret to happiness is in projects. Making plans, brainstorming, getting creative energy flowing, learning new things, meeting new people, looking at things differently – all of these things come from working on something that you’re excited about. And when your life is enriched by your own passion, you can jump out of bed every morning just itching to get your day started so that you can dive right into all your new ventures.

What does this have to do with redecorating, you ask? It just so happens that changing up your living space conquers two things at once – 1. There are a ton of projects that you can do around your home – big and small – that you can get excited about, and 2. By updating, refreshing, and enlivening your house you provide for yourself a space that reflects your enthusiasm and vigor for life. You won’t ever have to worry about a room becoming stale, outdated or outgrown if you constantly reinvent your home and keep reinventing yourself in the process.

If you have been coming up against barriers to changing your decor, see those obstacles as opportunities to come up with creative solutions. If you have trouble reimagining the space, enlist the help of a professional or a friend. If you want to save money, use recycled materials or browse local thrift shops for supplies. If you don’t know how to do a certain project, see if there aren’t books, videos, or people in your community that could help.

Ultimately, even something as small as rearranging the furniture can work wonders for your space and your state of mind. You can sit by yourself and quietly piece together a mosaic in your bathroom, or you can have all your friends over for a painting-the-whole-house party – it doesn’t really matter what you do as long as it makes you feel like you’re bursting at the seams with enthusiasm. Your house – and your life – will thank you for it.

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