Beautiful Closets

The Importance of Beautiful Closets

Closets are probably the last thing that comes to mind when you think of a beautiful home. Closets are places that you can shove all your stuff into and slam the door, or somewhere you can store away all your beloved treasures, together with your favourite footy pyjamas. They are not the architectural feature piece you are eager to show off to visitors, nor are they an area of major investment in your home.

But that’s exactly what makes them so wonderful.

Having a beautiful closet is like having a secret weapon. It doesn’t cost much, it doesn’t take long, but it can vastly improve your life and make you feel pride in your space, even if that space is small and filled with flannel.

Let me explain.

Do you ever go on a major cleaning spree – scrubbing floors and flinging folded laundry into the abyss until your home is shiny with elbow grease and effort – only to find your houses cluttered again the next day? This is where beautiful closets come in – at least where clothes are concerned.

Having a disorganized closet is frustrating and dysfunctional – and it’s something you have to deal with several times a day. It makes it harder to get out the door in the morning and harder to keep clothes clean. It can cause your favourite pieces to end up on the floor and give those ill-fitting dress shirts a place of pride resting neatly on hangers.

Now, there are a million articles discussing how to declutter a closet, but this isn’t about decluttering. This is about beautifying. How do you do it?

Get passionate about your closets and the potential they have to be both a stunning display for your clothes and an area that helps rather than hinders you in your daily routine. Find a beautiful way to display your ties or your scarves. Invest the small amount of money it may cost to buy a proper shoe rack, or functional hangers. Enlist the help of an expert and build a rotating shirt rack, or a secret compartment for jewellery. Spend the day being thankful for the things you have, and finding ways to make sure they are properly put away and easily accessible. Any situation where the whole thing will get messed up with one hurriedly grabbed t-shirt is a no-go. Clothes should be resiliently positioned, not to be easily disturbed from their newfound glory.

The most wonderful thing about beautifying your closets is that not only do you now have a functional, beautiful new space in your home, but you’re so proud of yourself and your newly discovered closet passion that you’re motivated to actually use it. No more defeated throwing of blazers onto the backs of chairs – they belong in their lovely new home, thank you very much.

So whether you’re a student renting an apartment and just looking to make a couple simple upgrades, or a family in a forever home with the ability to install some more permanent fixtures, know that taking on your closets is a way of defeating many monsters at once with minimal effort and maximal results. It’s an easy way to get inspired, improve your life, and learn some things – plus, who knows what you’ll find at the back of the wardrobe?

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