Cleaning Window Treatments

Spring Cleaning: The Importance of Being Proactive about Cleaning Your Window Treatments

A lot of people never think about their window coverings and ideally, that is the point. Your window covering should beautify your room, lower your energy bills, let the sun shine in or protect your furniture. And generally, they do all of this without taking up much space in your mind. However, there is a time of year when your window coverings should be at the forefront of your thoughts and that time is spring! While not obligatory to do during your spring-cleaning routine, it is a good time of year to tidy up an otherwise neglected part of the house! And you don’t have to do it that often so if you get it on your list now, it is one less thing you need to be concerned about while you’re enjoying the patio season this summer.
The extra long and sunshine-y days of summer may actually draw more attention to your window coverings and you might notice that things are more than a bit dusty over there. Suddenly the dreariness of a long, dark winter is sloughed off and you can really see what has been settling in your home and on your window coverings. If the eyes are the window to the soul, then your windows must be your eyes to the world – keeping them and their coverings clean is essential!
A lot of people might realize the importance of cleaning their window coverings but lack the knowledge about how best to do this. The accumulation of dust, dirt and household odors, plus the continuous exposure to sunlight breaks down the integrity of fabric window coverings and can dull the look of others. To get longevity out of your coverings, follow our handy, quick-reference guide below to determine when, how and how often is best for cleaning your window coverings!

Window Covering How Often? How?
Curtains/Drapes Twice a year Depends on the material. Some are cleaned well with a quick vacuuming, others need to be thrown in the washer. Some fabrics are particularly delicate and might require a professional or dry-cleaning. The latter tends to be the case for lined curtains or those made of silk. Sheers can be washed separately on a short, cold cycle but should not be put in the high heat of the dryer. Hang to dry and then lightly iron.
Roman Shades Two to three times per year Vacuum or roller brush.
Vinyl Shades Two to three times per year Wet sponge.
Wood blinds Two to three times per year Vacuum each slat and then wipe each one with a dampened cloth. Be sure to dry any excess water with a dry cloth after. First angle them down, wipe and then angle them up to clean the other side.
Windows Tri-Weekly (depending on if you have pets or kids!) Make sure you dust your window frame first or vacuum up any excess debris. Then take white vinegar or extremely hot water and clean your glass with a microfiber cloth. It is best to save this task for a cloudy day so you’re not cleaning the outside of your windows in direct sunlight and because the heat from the sun will cause the windows to dry rapidly, leaving streaks.

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