Pet Friendly Window Treatments

Pet-Friendly Window Treatments

Home decor forums are always lighting up with questions asking what to do about cats that shred curtains or dogs that chew on wooden blinds. Well, we might not be able to guarantee that your pet won’t find a way to infiltrate your military-grade drapes but we can give you a couple helpful hints to give you some hope of preserving them as long as possible by picking pet-friendly window coverings that are fashionable and functional for every member of your family!

Goldfish: Well, obviously, your garden-variety fish in a bowl will not affect the window treatments you have in your house, so luckily you don’t have to redecorate if your child comes home with a fish from the fair. However, if you have a large fish tank you may want to consider installing waterproof, mould repellent blinds in that room. Moisture from the fish tank can build up in fabric or wooden window treatments, and the smell of fishy water can sink into permeable materials.

Small Mammals: Small mammals like guinea pigs are notorious for their chewing. With that being said, be careful of cords hanging from blinds and long drapes lingering near their cages. Be aware, also, that pets like ferrets will spray urine. Keep fabric away from their cages and instead go for materials that can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

Cats: Ah, cats. There are so many videos on the internet of cats destroying blinds and curtains alike that the possibility of finding cat-proof window treatments may seem hopeless. There are, however, a couple of options that may survive. Shutters, as incredibly durable window treatments, may be one of the best choices, but vertical blinds are also a good option, as they can be batted without sustaining damage and can’t be climbed. Minimize hanging cords by opting for motorized or cordless lifting systems, as they can’t be chewed on and ruined, and try spraying a cat-deterrent spray on drapes to dissuade them from destructive play.

Dogs: Dogs don’t have the window-treatment destroyer reputation that cats have, but can nevertheless wreak havoc on your curtains if you’re not careful. This destructive behaviour is most common in the puppy stage, so temporary solutions will work until the mad chewing stage ends. If you have drapes or curtains, hike them up to out of the puppy’s reach so that they can’t fall victim to little teeth or potty training accidents. Blinds will likely be less susceptible to puppy damage, but keep in mind that anything within the little dog’s reach is fair game. Hide pull cords or go cordless and motorized! And keep a close eye on hanging vertical blinds lest they become chew toys.

What tips do you have for pet-proofing your home? Do you have any hilarious stories or pictures of pets stuck in the blinds? Share your experiences and start a conversation about keeping pets safe and window-treatments intact.