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Personalize Your Window Treatments

While there are many articles about how to use window treatments to create certain moods in your home, reduce your heating bill and control light, there is not as much advice out there about how to personalize your window treatments. Custom window treatments are one way to make sure that the blinds, drapes, shades or shutters you choose for your home are tailored not only to your specific spaces, but also your style. Personalized window treatments are an easy way to add some flair to a room while getting across design ideals you embody in the rest of your home, office and life. Whether professional, modern, cozy or rustic, you have a voice through your window coverings and going custom can make sure those ideals are expressed well in any space.

Materials: Of course, what your window coverings are made from matters to how they will look. Whether you go with drapes, shades, shutters or blinds, keep in mind the type of message you want to be sending. Natural materials will convey an earthy feeling in your home or a more rustic cottage feel. Metals will always feel more modern and sleek. Color is also important and can change the overall feeling of a space pretty quickly. Darker metallic tones are usually associated with professionalism, whereas rich browns and others will offer a natural feel. It all depends on what you want to say in your spaces. Professional consultation can help make sense of the deluge of choices at your disposal to make your space personal and unique.

Installation: The actual hardware by which your window coverings are installed can be as expressive as the coverings themselves so be mindful of the options you have to change things up. Unusual pairings might not work for some people but they may be just what you want to express so feel open with your consultant about your tastes. Whether we are talking about curtain rods, drapery hangings, tie-backs or the types of shades we use, the hardware we use for our window coverings is important.

Accents: Keep in mind that window coverings can shift an entire room’s look, feel, and expression. They do this not only because they show parts of your personality and contribute to the character of a space but also because they control how a space looks and feels by controlling light and heat. Accents around the room can echo what was set out in your window coverings whether in the materials and colors of the covering, or the hardware used to install them. Throw pillows, area rugs, even decorative knick-knacks can all create cohesion in a room by carrying your window covering style around your space.

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