Making Modern Window Treatments Fit

Making it Modern: Where do Window Treatments Fit in?

Modern design is all about bold, clean geometric lines and tons of light. The big windows normally associated with modern homes are very often left undressed – or are they? Though window treatments can contribute to the warmth and opulence associated with old libraries, they can also comfortably fit into the more industrial-feeling modern architecture. Here at CBBD, we want to show you how.

Hidden away: The beauty of modern decor is often in its simplicity. It is minimalist. For that reason, having luxurious velvet drapes with tasseled tie-backs is not the usual go to for a modern designer. Instead, choose window treatments such as roller shades that, when not needed, can be very easily put out of sight.

Motorized blinds: There’s nothing more modern than walking into a room full of windows and, at the push of a button, having shades rise from the floor or descend from the ceiling to give you the perfect amount of light and privacy. Motorized blinds are available in a wide variety of styles and colours, so you don’t have to worry about compromising the style of your home in order to enjoy high-tech luxuries.

Clean lines: Do away with ruffles and pleats and instead look for smooth fabrics. Heavier fabrics that fall straight to the floor will add to the structure of the room, while light and airy fabrics can add movement and contrast to the space. Blinds and shades are generally a good idea, as these often make use of clean lines and can fit seamlessly into modern design schemes.

Bold print or colour: The strong emphasis on neutrals in modern spaces leave room for striking colours and daring prints. Leave pastels and jewel-tones and instead go for eye-catching, bright colours like lime green, pumpkin orange, or true yellow. Even pure white or jet black can find a home in a modern space. Prints can be playful while still maintaining the clean geometric theme that so strongly permeates modern style.

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