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Landscaping Tips: Our Gardens and Homes

If you are a homeowner or have some space to plant, you have probably already done so by now if the old adage about planting and landscaping after May long weekend holds any weight! Our gardens, patios and balconies are extensions of our homes and thus should warrant as much attention as the interior decor of our home and our exterior facades as well.

Whether you are a landscaping beginner or a seasoned gardening expert, these tips will help bring tips from interior home decor out to our green spaces – where, frankly, is where we are going to spend more time this summer anyway! The more beautiful and inviting our outdoor spaces are, the more inviting they are for our families to enjoy them and if we want to take advantage of the beautiful weather over the short summer months, this becomes all the more important!

The first thing you need to figure out for a yard space is what you want to do with it. It might seem like a no-brainer but so many of us follow neighbourhood trends without thinking about what our families might like to use an outdoor space for. Do you have young children? Do you need to have space for them to run around? Do you have play equipment to accommodate for them? Or perhaps you want to use your outdoor space to supplement the contents of your fridge by having an outdoor vegetable garden. Maybe your family is big on grilling through the summer and would like an outdoor lounge and dining space. Regardless of what you and your family desire, the first step is figuring out what they want and then you can take the necessary steps in building the space to the best of your abilities and budgetary capabilities.

The other thing you will want to take note of is sun and wind patterns in various areas of your yard. If you are going to set up a dining area, you are not going to want to do it where the sun hits at meal time. The excess heat and direct sunlight will always make your outdoor dining experience uncomfortable. Same things goes for areas of our yards that can act as wind tunnels, regardless of the direction the wind is blowing. Make sure you how have some wind-breaking trees or a vine-covered trellis to offer both shade and calm skies so you can make the most of your space.

Whatever you decide on for your landscaping project, make sure you take it slow and enjoy it. There is nothing worse than feeling stressed about a project that is supposed to be enjoyable and result in a calm, relaxing space to enjoy you summer with your family. Spreading the work out over a longer period of time also makes a larger project more economically viable, particularly if additional expenses that were unforeseen arise.

Having a focal point is a good rule of thumb when it comes to being a green thumb. Whether the patio area, a water feature or a garden patch, the focal point will help direct all of the landscaping lines you choose to develop in your backyard space. The whole idea is that a focal point draws your eye into the landscape and then dictates how your vision moves around the space. It can also minimize problem areas that you are planning on working on in the future.

Many of these principles can be applied to apartment balconies as well. Of course, it’s not a place for children to be playing, but if you want to make it into a dining space or you want to be growing a potted garden, it is possible to have both, even if the space is small – you just have to get a little more creative! Balconies often end up as unsightly storage spaces for bicycles or strollers but it doesn’t have to be this way! Check with your building security about the best places to store those large items and make your balcony a summer zen haven instead!

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