Home Decor Design Trends 2017

Home Decor and Design Trends for 2017

It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in the New Year and celebrating the arrival of 2016 but somehow it is already November and we are only a few short weeks away from 2017. As such, interior design specialists and trend-setters have been working away to forecast the hottest home decor trends for the coming seasons and we wanted you to get them here first.

Escapes: We have been talking about this all year long: from private reading nooks to little sunrooms, escapes within your home are among the most desired features for the coming New Year. People want places to curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea, or a private bathroom with a soaker tub – anywhere that they can get away from it all without having to actually get away from it. As people react more harshly to our technology saturated world, it makes sense that many of us of looking for these tiny getaways where natural colours, outdoorsy features, and relaxed furniture make for cozy rooms, free of digital distractions. If you have been thinking of transforming an under-used space to something that is escape-friendly for everyone, now is the time to do it!

Mediterranean Vibes: Although this trend never totally disappears, this coming season will have anyone and everyone looking for terracotta accents to bring in the warmth from across the sea. Terracotta tiles and colouring automatically warms up a space and brings in colour and light tones which are typically associated with sunlight. If your home is feeling extra frigid through the winter months, one of the fastest ways you can make a change is to add some rust or earth-coloured tones to your space. While it might not be as permanent as a tiled wall backsplash or even a new paint colour, something as simple as some accent piles and a throw can dispel the chilliest of seasons.

Put a Cork in It: Cork is becoming hot again but before any environmentalists can get up in arms for our recommendation, it should be noted that cork has not only been removed from the endangered species list, it has been removed because of commercial demand for it. The more cork people want, the more cork is planted, particularly in the Iberian Peninsula where cork forests prevent desertification. The cool thing about cork is that it is renewable resource that is extraordinarily easy to harvest with minimal environmental damage. So you can rest assured that if you are using it to warm up a space in your home, add texture to a flat room, or absorb sound while being a stylish accessory, your choice with cork is environmentally sound.

Modular Furniture: Whether you are always on the move or you simply want more versatility out of the furniture you buy, modular furniture is a growing trend as we head into 2017. Modular furniture signifies a style of furniture that contributes to an ever-changing ambiance in the dwellings of urban nomads – the newer generation of young professionals who do not own their own homes but still decorate them to be urban chic. Modular furniture allows you to mix and match different elements within the same system to change the shape of seating arrangements, tables, work surfaces and the like to challenge conventional ideas of what it means to be at home. With more and more young professionals working from home as well, it makes sense that one would want to be able to shift the decor when the hours change your place from office to your dwelling space.

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