Home Decor and Design Trends for 2017

Escapism, Mediterranean Vibes, Renewable Materials and Flexible Furniture are the hottest home decor trends this year.


Sweet Escape:

From private reading nooks to “She Sheds”, “Man caves” and sunrooms, these tranquil spaces are must haves in 2017.

Imagine curling up with a good book and a hot cup of tea, or enjoying an afternoon relaxing in the sun and sipping a glass of wine in your sunroom. A calming place you can get away without having to actually leaving the comfort your own home. Unplug from technology and unwind in your cozy room, surrounded by relaxed furniture, colours, decor and textures inspired by all things you love. What a great way to transform your underused space into something that will quickly become your favourite space.


Mediterranean Vibes:

Mediterranean design inspiration have been always around, however this coming season terracotta accents are more subtle than in the past. Add warmth, light and colour to your home decor with the many beautiful options including gorgeous tile & the warm colour tones of the Mediterranean.

How to incorporate the Mediterranean in your home decor: Not ready to dive head first into the Mediterranean Sea? That’s okay! A simple (and inexpensive) way to integrate the Mediterranean look is by adding some accent pillows and a throw. Sometimes, less is more.


Cork is King:

Photo: Petra Bindle

Cork on trend again. It is an incredible, self renewing product that has even been used in the Iberian Peninsula to prevent desertification. It’s extraordinarily easy to harvest with minimal environmental damage.

No only is it great for the environment it adds texture to a room, absorbs sound, is extremely comfortable to walk on, is durable and very stylish.

How to add cork to your interior decor? Traditionally you may think of cork floors, which are beautiful, but imagine an entire wall in your home office covered in cork, or a coffee table base made of cork with a stone top


Modular Furniture:

Today’s modern trends include versatility and flexibility. Because of this, modular furniture is a growing trend. Who is Modular Furniture for?  Anyone that wants to create an urban chic space that can easily transform.

Modular Furniture

Modular furniture allows you to mix and match different elements within the same system to change the shape of seating arrangements, tables and work surfaces. You can challenge conventional ideas of what it means to be at home. With more and more people are working from home, the need for the flexibility has increased, with the expectation they can use the space for work and play.


These are the top 4 interior design trends we are following in 2017. What do you think? Do you have a favourite nook in your home? Have you integrated any of these trends in your home? Comment below and tell us all about your favourite (or least favourite) trend.

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