FEATURED HUNTER DOUGLAS PRODUCT: Reveal® with MagnaView® blinds

Designers at Hunter Douglas recognize that no two people are exactly alike, each person has their own need and tastest. For this reason, the Hunter Douglas brand provides a wide variety of window coverings in different styles and materials to suit your needs.

When the view outside your window is as important as inside, you should consider Reveal® with MagnaView® blinds. Designed to allow slats to nest together, they provide twice the view-through of a standard 2″ slat blind.

When Reveal® with MagnaView® blinds are opened, there is a minimal distortion of the outside world, giving you a clean and beautiful view of your backyard, front yard or wherever else you care to look! When they are closed, they resemble your average blind and provide full coverage of the window to control natural lighting and optimal privacy levels.

The size of your blinds slats matters as well and Reveal® with MagnaView® are available in 1″ and 2″ premium 8-gauge slats, depending on your personal preferences for blind size.

Hunter Douglas products are unique because blinds can be opened from completely closed to completely open and everything in between. This allows for a variety of light in a room.

If you choose Reveal® with MagnaView® Aluminum blinds, they actually nest together in a patented process that further optimizes your vision of the outside world. They’re great for windows with limited mounting depths and can also be adapted for bay and corner windows.  Additionally, they absorb significant levels of sound and are some of the most affordable blinds available from the quality Hunter Douglas collection.

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