Farmhouse Design Accents Modern

Farmhouse Accents for Modern Homes

Farmhouse accents such as reclaimed wood, palettes, and rustic antique looks are all the rage in interior design right now – and what could be better than decorating with sustainable and recycled materials? The best part is you don;t have to undertake a huge renovation project or jeopardize the decor you already have in place in order to add some fun, farmhouse-inspired accents to your home.

Use some wood.

Whether it’s as small a project as a coffee cup holder or as big as a wood-planked ceiling, wood can add texture, character, and warmth into a room. Used traditionally in nearly every aspect of homes and decorating, wood is perhaps the widest-available material whether you’re looking for a do-it-yourself project, furniture, or to undertake major renovations. Available in a variety of colours, cuts, and finishes, and able to look expensive, rustic, modern, and old-school all at the same time, there are few other materials that can match wood in terms of its range.

Incorporate wrought iron

Wrought iron is a gorgeous, dramatic material that is strong and long-lasting. It recalls barns and blacksmiths while simultaneously maintaining a kind of medieval elegance. From light fixtures to pot racks to window frames, wrought iron can easily add a striking and unique element to any space. Though it doesn’t quite have the DIY-potential of wood, it is possible to find local craftspeople that make absolutely beautiful pieces – so you can feel good supporting a local artist while you decorate!

Don’t forget the outside!

Nothing’s quite like having coffee while looking out a robust country garden, or sitting around a roaring fire with your little ones. The beautiful thing about farmhouse-style materials is that so many of them are readily available – position a few fat logs in a circle and you’re most of the way to a firepit. Stick an old wooden wheel amongst your flowers and your garden will immediately take on a stronger farmyard feel. Enjoying the outdoors is one of the signatures of country living – so what are you waiting for? Grab some stones, seeds, and old pallets, and get to loving your backyard!

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