Easy Tips to Stage Your Home For Sale (From The Home Staging Professional)

25 years ago people weren’t concerned about staging their homes before putting it on the market. They’d give it a good clean, fix up a few little things, hide the dog food bowl and put up the for sale sign.

Not today. Over the past couple decades buyers standards have raised and sellers have met expectations to the point a staged home it’s almost expected.

Are you getting ready to put your house up for sale? We have a few do-it-yourself tips that can help.

1. Hello Curb Appeal – Make the outside reflect the inside.

A lot of people spend too much time focused on the interior of their homes that they can overlook the importance of the exterior. Most potential buyers will drive by a  home they’re interested in  before they consider taking a tour inside, so you want to make sure your home has the WOW factor buyers are looking for.

Top Tips for Staging the Exterior of Your Home:


    1. Make sure you have made things easy with excellent address signage
    2. Wash the windows
    3. Power-washed house siding and sidewalks
    4. Clean + mow the lawn
    5. Add some  flowers baskets or planters (if applicable)
    6. Remove any debris and clutter from the steps, porch, driveway & sidewalks.

2. Be Welcoming!

If you have a porch, veranda, a few steps or even a small front stoop, don’t underestimate the impact of creating a clean, welcoming place for people to enter the home for viewings.

Tips to make your home more inviting:

    1. Clean up (or replace) your doormat
    2. Add a pot of blooming flowers.
    3. If it is winter time, make sure your walkways are cleared of snow and ice to reduce the risk of falling, and make sure paths are well-lit in the evenings so they can easily find their way.

3. Clean house.

A home with dirty dishes in the sink, stains on the laminate floors and dirty laundry in the bathroom is not going to sell. Be proactive and keep things ultra-tidy. If you don’t have the time or the elbow-grease to do it, you may want to consider hiring a professional cleaning service to do it for you.


4. Get rid of the clutter.

You love your collections of knick knacks from your travels, but unfortunately your “rustic” look can feel claustrophobic to others. Having too much of your personal affects around can stop your potential buyer from imagining themselves and their belongings in your home.


5. Neutralize your colour palette.

Bold, bright colours might appeal to some but for most, they can be overwhelming. Aim to have your house look like a blank canvas so they can start imagining living in your home.

6. Open your closets

Yes, this means you actually have to clean and organize your closet. Most buyers want to see what kind of storage in the home.  Avoid any social awkwardness by leaving the doors open for them. It also makes the room feel a bit bigger so it’s a bonus selling point for you!


7. Clean up pet messes.

The last thing anyone wants to smell when they are checking out a new home is wet dog or kitty litter. Be mindful to vacuum carpets and clean up pet areas so that pet smells are not what linger in the minds of your prospective buyers.


These are some really simple things you can do to help stage your home when putting it on the market.  Keep in mind that a professional stager has a deep understanding of the psychology behind buying and knows what buyers expectations are. They can provide excellent insights about your home and personal space too and help you create a space buyers are excited about.

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