Professional Space Windows

How to Dress the Windows of a Professional Space

Whether you’re a dance instructor or a video game developer, you will likely need to include window treatments in your professional space. The concerns of a business are different from those of a home, so we have a compiled some guidelines for you to consider when outfitting your office.

Avoid a lawsuit. Even if your business does not cater to children or involve physical activity, you must ensure that your window treatments are properly installed and as safe as can be. The last thing you want is to have your beautiful Roman Shade fall on someone’s head.

Consider the needs of the space. Does your business require privacy, or would you rather have sunlight streaming in from all sides? Do you want to conserve energy? Is it important to have a fashion-forward space? Making sure that your window treatments address all your needs will mean ease and functionality.

Match the atmosphere. Luxurious drapes may look out of place in a trampoline park but fit perfectly in an old-fashioned bookshop. Harmonious style is of key importance to the attractiveness of any space, and can leave a good first impression on your clients.

Ethical considerations. As a business owner, you have the capacity to do a great deal of good in the world. Outfitting your space with environmentally friendly, ethically-sourced products is a good place to start. Your decision to pursue your vision in every aspect of your company demonstrates to your clients that your business is one of integrity.

Ease of cleaning and longevity. Whether you’re teaching art to kindergarteners or providing legal services, your window treatments need to be reasonably easy to clean and be durable enough to withstand heavy usage. Your window treatments should not be a make-work project, so avoid fussy fabrics or delicate materials when outfitting your space.

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