Summer Home Decor Tips

Custom Blinds By Design Summer Home Decor Tips

Summer is a time when freshness invites itself back into our lives and we feel invigorated and ready to conquer the great outdoors. It’s the time of water balloon fights and barbeques, of catching up with family and friends, of countless do-it-yourself projects around the house. Few people think to bring some of that freshness into their home decor in preparation for the beautiful season ahead, but there are some very simple ways that you can transform your space to welcome summer wholeheartedly.

Window coverings: Window coverings are especially important in the summer because they can help control how much of that gorgeous summer sun is let in, as well as the temperature of your home. Heavy drapes paired with sheers gives you the flexibility to either block out direct sunlight during the hottest times of day, or to let some in while maintaining your privacy. If you have blinds or shades, you can program your Platinum App to adapt to the different amounts of light at different times per day, adjusting and shifting so that you hardly notice a thing while you go about your business. Whatever the window coverings you decide on, know that you can also update the look of a room with different textures and colours that reflect the season as well.

Furniture: It might seem difficult to update permanent pieces that you have in your home, however, it’s simpler than you think to update your furniture for the summer. You can easily use removable slipcovers or throws that bring light airy colours and materials into a room. These will instantly brighten a room up and give some airiness to the muted or dark tones that usually accompany fall and winter. Don’t want to invest in a slipcover or don’t have a couch that suits that change? Invest in some summery throw pillows that have patterns and styles that scream summer instead!

Make it kid-friendly: This is for all the parents out there! With kids out of school for the summer and generally being around the house more, it’s a good idea to get the home-space organized for them. Those slipcovers might come in handy after all, especially if they are machine washable! And you can make an effort to put away some of the more breakable decor items around the house. Don’t worry though, if you play some crafty projects for the kids, you will have plenty of homemade decorations to take their spots – pine cones, sea shells and other summery items will help bring nature into the home and add some of that outdoor freshness to your indoor decor!

Bring the outside in: Speaking of bringing nature indoors, something else that is really simple and easy to do is bring some of that fresh greenness onto the dining room or kitchen table. Instead of opting for expensive flowers, take a few snippets from the greenery outside to keep things casual and easy to renew. Additionally, the scent can help you brighten up a room instantly.

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