Curtains or Blinds

Curtains or Blinds?

When decorating the windows in a space, it can be hard to decide between curtains and blinds. Depending on your lifestyle and the function of the space, the right choice doesn’t always seem straightforward. You’ve come to the right place – Custom Blinds By Design consists of industry professionals who know what works and where. To give you some guidance in your home decor decision-making,  here is a quick and easy guide to the strengths of drapes vs. the benefits of blinds. To find custom options for your particular spaces, contact us for a consultation today!

Use Curtains If:

There may be leaning. When designing a reading nook or a window bench, it may be tempting to install blinds in that space – but think again. Any window that may be leaned against or frequently battered by elbows and feet would be best equipped with curtains. The curtains’™ natural flexibility will allow for movement and make for a more comfortable space.

You want to make a room look bigger. Floor-to-ceiling drapes can create the illusion of taller ceilings, and can be used everywhere from the tiniest bedroom to an open-concept living room in order to make a home feel more spacious. As a bonus, drapes that are sheer or the same colour as your walls will also make your space feel bigger.

There’s less chance of mess. Curtains next to a busy kitchen countertop may end up covered in tomato sauce and flyaway green onions. They may also absorb the smells of garlic and curries easier than blinds – a feature you may find frustrating while fighting to keep your house fresh and clean. Avoid curtain laundry days and keep curtains in areas of your home that experience less mess.

Use Blinds If:

You need to have a room be dark as dark can get. You can purchase lined curtains if you require intense shade in any room, but to ensure complete darkness, blinds are the best way to go, or a combination of the two for a layered effect. The nice part of black-out blinds is that they can be easily controlled, letting in variant amounts of light from Day-Glo to eternal night.

You want control over exactly which part of the window is covered. With the wide range of blind options on the market today, it’s easy to find blinds that can be adjusted to sit on any part of your window. Beyond looking like we’re living in the incredibly cool future, this feature allows you to control exactly what sections of the window are covered. Have a pesky glare from a car window bothering you as you work? No problem – you can bring the blinds down to exactly that spot while continuing to the let the light in everywhere else.

There is a lot of moisture in a space. Mould is a huge problem in Canada, especially during our winters when moisture gets trapped in our homes by our tightly shut windows and triple-sealed doors. Fabrics and wood can hold onto this moisture, foster mould or start to warp. Avoid these problems by installing sturdy, mould-repellent blinds in your bathrooms, steam-rooms, and saunas.

Do you have window-treatment woes? Or do you have a home with well-dressed windows? Either way, we want to hear about it! Send us your stories in the comment section or send us an email today!

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