Curtain Tie-Backs

Curtain Tie-Backs to Style your Home

Curtain tie-backs are a simple accent to one’s window treatments but they can change the entire dynamic of those windows. By extension, this can change the feel of rooms in which they are found. Typically found on custom drapery, curtain tie-backs are window hardware that can be decided at the time of professional consultation or might be something to add later. You can also change the tie-backs from time to time, whether you want them to reflect the changing seasons, holidays or some other decor them you want to reflect in your home’s details.

Curtain tie-backs are handy because they hold drapery out of the way when you want to let light in through the windows. You can keep them on the drapes and remove them as needed. For more permanent solutions, you can actually use hardware to fix them onto the wall so that they stay tucked out of the way when the curtains are closed – without having to find a place to put them!

Additionally, there are many unconventional items that can be used as curtain tie-backs if you do not want to go with items marketed as such. And the versatility and adaptability of many items to be used as curtain tie-backs makes it all the more enticing to add these lovely decor accents to every room of your home. The other nice thing is that, in order to then change the look of a room, you do not necessarily need to be so drastic as to change your window coverings: you can simply change what you use a tie-back to fit a different design theme.

Below are some interesting items that can be used as curtain tie-backs to add that special finishing touch to your drapery treatments.


Bracelets Curtain Tie Back

Spray Painted Branches

Branches Curtain Tie Backs

Nautical Ropes

Rope Curtain Tie Backs

Clothing Accessories

Tie Curtain Tie Back
Flower Curtain Tie Backs

Beautiful Necklaces

Necklace Curtain Tie Backs
Necklace Curtain Tie Backs


Memento Curtain Tie Backs

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