Blackout Windows

Blackout Windows to Sleep Tight

It is no secret that the key to sleep success is having a very dark, blackout bedroom. This is because when light is no longer present, our bodies start to produce the hormones necessary to induce the most restful kinds of sleep. Sleep goes on to affect every aspect of our daily lives from our moods to our metabolism! It might come as a surprise then that someone would mention that your window treatments in the bedroom, especially having blackout treatments, can have a dramatic effect on your life, but now you know why!

So which window treatments are best for getting a restful night’s sleep while still making sure your room is as beautiful and stylish as it can be?

The most obvious and common answer to this question is draperies or curtains. These should be opaque and can even have special liners applied to the back to block out the light. The blackout curtains should ideally extend from floor to ceiling, even beyond the width or height of the window in order to catch the glow that can come around the window’s edges. The bedroom is also a place where you need privacy so pair blackout drapes or curtains with sheers to let filtered light in through the day while still ensuring that people cannot see into your room. If you only have blackout drapes, you really only have an on or off switch for natural light control. Layer your treatments to add versatility in light control.

Blackout roller shades are also an excellent choice for keeping out street lights and visual light pollution from the outside. You can request for your professional installer to mount the shade so that light cannot seep out the sides of the roller while it is down. These are best paired with a decorative bracket or even layered with drapes or curtains for maximum control because they can look quite plain on their own. The added benefit is that roller shades can easily motorized and therefore programmable to open and close at appropriate times of day to suit your tastes. If single layer roller shades do not have the look you are going for in your room and you want to warm things up a bit or add some colour, you can add a liner to any woven or patterned shade to transform them into blackout shades with very minimal extra cost. Be sure to mention that to your window treatments consultant when discussing your options.

Along the same lines as roller shades, there are also cellular and roman blackout shades that can be lined to create the blackout effect for the bedroom while also eliminating the possibility of light seepage from the sides as well. These can also be customized and motorized to suit your style and light preferences.

One last point is that when looking for blackout window covering for the bedroom, blinds and shutters are fine but you have to bear in mind that there may be a bit of light seepage from between the slats of these particular coverings. You can layer your coverings by pairing blinds or shutters with curtains or drapes to maximize the blackout effect and add depth to your room.

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