School Homework Space Decor

Back-to-School Classroom and Homework Space Decor Strategies

With the school supply frenzy of the end of August and beginning of September behind us, many people get settled into their studying routine and don’t have a lot of time to devote to decorating their classrooms, study spaces and homework areas. Sometimes, the cost of textbooks and school supplies at the beginning of the year can cut into a decorating budget and then we end up with lots of supplies and not very good places to use them in. On vacation, you would never choose a hotel with fluorescent lighting and drab grey rooms. But for some reason, when people have to create a workspace, they often make boring choices and then expect productive results. A few very simple changes throughout the year can liven a space up and get you out of studying rut easily and quickly without having to spend too much money. For younger kids or students, there are some fun and inventive ways that spaces can get creative and tactile so doing your homework is not a bore!

Back to School Home Office

  1. Update your window coverings and let the light shine in! Real sunshine can brighten up and make any workspace more inviting. The extra Vitamin D produced from it will keep you in a good mood, even during long study sessions. Younger kids will feel happier with the warmth of the sun on their shoulders as they read! For direct sunlight times of the day, you can opt for partially closed blinds or sheers that buffer the intense glare and heat of the sun. Colourful fabrics for roman shades are a must to brighten up the decor too!
  2. Paint your chair or work stool to be something a little more fun! If little kids are a fan of a particular cartoon character or book, you can easily find images to copy onto their desk or chair online. Some stencils might even be available for those who are not so artistically inclined. Changing up the look of your regular old office furniture can add life to the space and choosing your favourites gives everything a personal touch that will make you feel like the space is really yours.
  3. Paint or hodge podge your filing cabinet. Boring steel cabinets can be a bit of an eyesore in an office or workspace. Opt for colourful wrapping papers to inspire this drab piece of furniture or paint the outside with chalkboard paint for an even more practical solution on which To-Do lists, calculations and even a calendar can be written!
  4. Simple white stickers on a colourful bookcase can give this piece of a furniture a much more whimsical look. It will especially remind younger learners about the joys and wonderment of reading in this age of increasing technological consumption. Alternatively, contact paper can also give a bookshelf new life, particularly for younger children who thrive on bold patterns and colours. Reinventing the space where they keep their books will make them more inclined to be proud of them and read them too!
  5. Stencil an inspirational message above your desk in a fancy font for something that looks great and keeps you motivated. Stencils can easily be found online or at major craft store retailers. Temporary wall decals are also a possibility but then you are limited in which quotation you can use. Keep it meaningful and personal to keep being inspired.
  6. Consider buying your office furniture one piece at a time, particularly if you are working in an office that has more than one workspace in it. Instead of buying uniform office pieces, you can pick and choose stylish pieces as you can find them and as they can be afforded. This way you can have a mish-mash of eclectic, meaningful pieces that suit you and your co-workers’ styles more individually than everyone having the same desks or chairs.
  7. Personalize your space by adding pictures of family in inventive ways or, for kids’ spaces, post up their latest excursion into the art-making world. When people take ownership of a space visually, they are more likely to take responsibility for getting the work done there on time.
  8. Support local artists by incorporating their artwork to the walls of your home workspace or your office. Even a drab and uniform room can be spruced up with the work of artists you know. Commissioning a piece for a specific space is an investment in your future productivity and their work as well: win-win!

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