Air Flow Windows

Air Flow Tips for Your Home Windows

At Custom Blinds by Design, we talk a lot about how window treatments help determine light control in your home and can therefore dictate temperature levels, longevity of your furniture and even the cost of your heating bill in winter. What we discuss less, but is of equal importance, is how window treatments help air flow through your home while still helping you to maintain privacy.

Even though our newer homes might come equipped with air conditioning systems, anyone who has lived with A/C knows that these systems and natural breezes are just not the same – and it’s not only about staying cool. Nothing beats the feeling of being stuffed up in the house on a humid day, only to open the window and have a gush of fresh air rush into your home. Or to have the smell of rain sneaking in through the window and bringing life into every corner of your home. Or to get a musty scent wafted out of your lived-in spaces.

Louvers love to draw in the air. In the past, we have talked a lot about our love of louvers and it is no secret why they adorn the windows of every tropical resort or home you visit on your destination vacations. When rain hits, you simply angle the blades down to keep the water out, but you are still able to keep air flowing so that your home doesn’t become stuffy and humid. When you open them up as far as they go, they also open the entirety of your space, making smaller spaces feel more spacious than they would first appear.

Similarly, shutters have also been around a long time and not without good reason. While people normally misuse shutters by simply attaching them to the outside of their homes for decoration, shutters can actually serve a practical purpose. For anyone who has been to the south of Italy in the dead of summer, there is nothing more romantic than taking a mid-day siesta nap with the shutters closed to darken the room enough for you to relax. At the same time, there is no need to close the interior window because the shutters, while blocking the light, still allow a breeze to flow. You can mimic the calming breeze of Mediterranean this way, no matter where you live! If your shutters are already attached decoratively, you can always consult with a window treatment professional to see if these can be hinged to provide all the versatility that modern shutters have to offer.

Shutter can also be used inside the home as more than just a decorative feature. Not only do they look good, but they can also provide security in a similar way as outdoor shutters – you can open up the windows behind them for air flow while letting them remain shut so you can relax in peace, without having to worry. This might also be an optimal choice for cabins or cottages where you will use your space less and maintenance will not be as regular as your home. Outdoor shutters are made of durable materials, but will still require more care than indoor ones.

Lastly, sheers might also be an optimal choice for letting the breeze in while not compromising your privacy. There are few more idyllic scenes than an afternoon sun coming the through the window while a cooling breeze makes your sheers dance in its light. You won’t have to worry about people seeing into your space either as sheers allow the light and air to come in, without letting outsiders view inside.

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