4 Easy Ways to Clean Your Blinds

Window blinds are beautiful, create privacy, and protect from the sun. They are also notorious dust collectors. Debris can build up quickly and if you’ve ever tried to clean them, you know it isn’t easy. (Which is probably why we all avoid cleaning them at all cost)

Here are 4 EASY hacks we have found that will make cleaning your blinds easy!

1. Vacuuming

Simple right? We told you it would be easy! If your blinds have a thin layer of dust use your vacuum’s brush attachment that will gently brush along the surfaces as you slide them along the blinds

Pro Tip: Do this step first, so you remove the light layer before wiping them and getting debris everywhere.

2. Quick Dusting

If you don’t have a vacuum – break out a feather duster or a swiffer for this tried and true way of cleaning your window coverings. If you have a thin layer of dust, simply open your horizontal blinds and run the duster between each blind to clean both the top and bottom of each blind.

Pro Tip: Use a clean sock, slipped over your hand and gently slide your hand between the blinds.

3. Vinegar is your best friend

Vinegar does a  great job cutting through grime, is eco friendly, and inexpensive. (All great things if you ask me!) If you notice a bit of a build-up  on your blinds and dusting isn’t enough simply mix 1 part vinegar + 1 part warm water and fill a clean empty spray bottle. Cover your hand with a sock and spray  your open blinds. Let it sit for a few minutes and run your sock (or glove) covered hand gently over each blind, removing the dust and debris from each side.

Pro Tip:  If your blinds are really dirty, add ¼ tsp of dish soap to your cleaning solution.

4. Give them a  wipe down

If your blinds are really dirty or have caked on grime, and debris, you may need to put in a little elbow grease. Use warm, soapy water and a clean sponge, close your blinds, and wipe them horizontally. After the first side is done, repeat these steps on the other side.

Pro Tip: Make sure you wring out the sponge between wipes so you don’t end up with a streaky appearance.

If your blinds are too dirty, these at-home cleaning hacks might not be enough. Save yourself time, energy and mess,  call Custom Blinds By Design and have your window coverings cleaned professionally in Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park,  St. Albert and the greater Edmonton area.

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