Window Fashion for Kitchens

Window Fashion for Your Kitchen: Where Functionality and Style Meet

The kitchen is a busy place in most homes. It is where meals are cooked, lunches prepared, coffee is brewed and a whole host of other things take place. It may even be the most used room in the house so it’s important that you take care of it. You’d be surprised how important kitchen window coverings can be but, probably more than most spaces, they can completely change the look and feel of a room, as well as its functional versatility. Below are a few things to consider with regards to your window coverings as they relate to the space of your kitchen in particular.

Privacy is a big concern when it comes to the kitchen, particularly if you are going to be spending a lot of time there. It is best to choose screening materials that allow some light through but simultaneously stop people from outside viewing the interior of your home. Roman shades or roller shades tend to be the most kitchen friendly as they do just that and are also a lot easier to clean if you get spaghetti sauce splatters going fairly frequently.

Sunlight exposure is another thing to consider because excessive sunlight can dramatically alter the temperature of a room. If you’ve got pots boiling and ovens going, the last thing you need is the hot sun beating down on your windows and making everything a whole lot more unbearable. Further, direct sunlight can damage cupboards and countertops and, at the same time, wash out fabrics. Not only is the long-term preservation of your kitchen furniture and decor important, it should also be noted that direct sunlight can cause fruit to ripen faster, can melt butter out on the counter, or can cause algae to grow in counter-top water filters. Thus it is important to be able to block out the harsh rays as best you can when they are entering your kitchen windows directly.

Of course, window fashions would mean nothing if they weren’t just that: fashionable. The fabrics and styles we choose to cover the windows of our kitchen, just like those chosen for any room, can make bold statements that dictate the decoration of a room or which echo a colour palette established in the rest of the decor. While coverings are often left to the last minute or are simply forgotten, when one does have bold or bright choices adoring their windows, the impact is immediate and undeniable. Since the kitchen is often full of appliances and cooking implements that we may not have a lot of choice over in terms of looks, don’t pass up the opportunity to control the look and feel of your kitchen with something that is completely up to you: your windows.

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